Commission a uniquely personal gift

Extract from The Mighty One an original oil by Julie Lovelock
Extract from The Mighty One an original oil by Julie Lovelock

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A specially commissioned artwork is a unique and personal gift to give someone, and one of those presents that truly surprises the recipient.

Not only does a commissioned artwork have that wow factor it is very easy to arrange and comes with 100% money back guarantee. If you don’t like the finished piece I will refund your deposit and no further payment will be due. To get the ball rolling let me know:

  1. What size you would like the piece to be
  2. When you need it by
  3. Where I would send the completed painting to

And then simply upload a photograph of the image and submit.

I will get back to you within a couple of days and let you know:

  1. Whether I am able to complete the work by the date you need the finished piece, and
  2. How much it will cost

There is no commitment at this stage. I will wait to hear whether you wish to go ahead or not.

If you choose to go ahead I ask for a 25% deposit before I start work. Remember, this is fully refundable if you don’t like the finished product. All I ask is that you look through my galleries – landscapes | portraits | wildlife – to get an idea what the completed artwork will be like. That way we can minimise the risk of disappointment.

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